Affirmations for Keeping Your Spirits Up

I had a choice during my healing journey. To let my thoughts continue down the path with what my body was feeling, or to choose another way. I had this choice thousands of times over hundreds of days.

Saying encouraging words to myself was a simple thing I did to feel more empowered and calm during the ebbs of my experience with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS). These affirmations, or mantras, also helped me “program” myself to prioritize my health and joy above all else and relax when things got rough.

Here are some of the words I told myself in the mirror (or in my mind) during challenging times. Rather, opportunities.

Mantras for summoning inner peace & strength:

1. I surrender any resistance, knowing all will be well. Inspiration: Getting Into the Vortex by Abraham Hicks.

2. This is the opportunity. (For me to respond in a new way. For me to rewire my neural pathways. For me to show my resilience. For transformation. Etc.) 

3. With each new breath, I inhale strength and exhale fear. I am learning it is easy for me to heal and grow. Source: ThinkUp app (I replaced their suggestion “safe” with the word “easy”). 

4. My body can easily clear what it no longer needs.

5. I am the type of person who puts my health first. Source: Lorie Solay, NLP coach. 

6. People, places, or circumstances cannot make me feel anything. I create my own reality. Source: Nicola Bird, A Little Peace of Mind.

7. My mind and body take in only the good and release the rest. 

8. I’m not here to fix things, I’m here for the fun.

Source: Well-Being Cards by Abraham Hicks (This one in particular makes me laugh because it hits so close to home. The deck of well-being cards contains several gems like this.)

9. I am becoming calmer with every breath. (I find the transitional word becoming is so helpful to bring my nervous system back to homeostasis.)

10. I am (breathe in). Love (breathe out.) 



Writing out the words

In addition to stating these things affirmations, I also will jot down shorter affirmations in my journal. 

Every morning, evening, and throughout the day I’ll write the words “calm, relaxed, joyful, loved, healthy, peaceful” on the pages and in no rigid order. I’ll also write “I am…” these things. It’s a habit I do when my mind starts to wander in lieu of checking social media.

Final thoughts

The consuming bodily sensations and the fear I felt during my health recovery journey was an opportunity for me to go deep and find my true power within.

At first, I felt saying positive affirmations to tap into my inner strength was a bit silly — cheesy even. But then I really embraced it.

These mantras, along with others, are almost part of me now. Affirmations are also a small part of a limbic system recovery program that’s been helpful to my recovery.

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