Favorite books to support healing

Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson

The Vortex by Abraham Hicks

The Power of Now by Echkart Tolle

The Energy Codes by Dr. Sue Morter

Well-being cards by Abraham Hicks (these are amazing) 

Favorite health recovery YouTube channels

James’ Health Recovery YouTube channel

James fully recovered from severe ME/CFS after an 8 year journey. I don’t know him personally, but his epiphanies resonate so much with my own. (This is a different British James than the food blogger ‘Healthy Living James.’ I learned I’m not the only one who got them confused, ha.) James’ videos really had an amazing impact on my recovery. His channel is full of truth bombs and gems.

Raelan Agle’s YouTube channel

Raelan Agle is one of the kindest and most dedicated people I have ever met. After fully healing from CFS, she has dedicated herself to produce amazing video content for CFS recovery while working a full-time job. Her channel contains lots of practical advice for CFS recovery, inspirational recovery stories, and reviews of books and various healing methodologies. I am honored to have been one of her first recovery story interviews.

Vera Wilhelmson’s YouTube Channel

Vera reclaimed her life from very severe ME/CFS (3 years bed-bound), severe IBS, and emotional abuse and has heartfelt, resourceful, and fun videos on health recovery and Ayurveda (food and lifestyle-based medicine based on 5,000 years of Indian history). Vera is one of the most inspirational people I know, and I can feel her spark and spirit from thousands of miles away in Norway. She adds her own magic when it comes to healing chronic illness and becoming your true self. I have learned a lot form her about Ayurveda and rediscovering my inner child.

Helpful health recovery websites

Chronic Hope

Katie Gardner’s website – Healing Faithfully

Mechanical Basis

Neuroplasticity programs

Dynamic Neural Retraining System (amazing content, helpful science explanations, essential lifestyle advice.)

ANS Rewire (helpful for understanding ME/CFS, goes into a lot of detail about ans dysfunction, contains a simple way to redirect things, contains good recovery stories from all over)

Gupta (I hear it contains really good meditations)

Lightning Process (don’t know anyone but I resonate with the creator’s messages)

Do at your own pace. Do what’s easy. Don’t try to do something in a certain timeline even if it says so (like DNRS has ‘day 1 2 and 3 — you might need 30 days to watch the 14 hours of video and that’s wonderful.– take months if you need to to watch all the videos. Just press play and listen without looking at the screen if you need to to avoid overstimulation. Part of recovery means calling the shots and letting your body know you’re looking out for it no matter what. 

Rewiring Your Wellness (not a place to discuss/trouble-shoot challenges, but for people who are already doing the programs for inspiration)

Vital Side

Brain Gardening – coming soon

Favorite free meditations

Manifest desires
happy chill fun time

Favorite products (I’m not profiting)

ZeroWater filter

ECOS dish soap

Puracy dish detergent

Green pan

Air Doctor / green guard

Favorite podcasts

Shawn Stevenson Model Health Show

Happy Chill Fun Time

Favorite supplements (not medical advice, and I’m not profiting)

I will never sell supplements or profit off supplements. 

Standard Process Echinacea – Karen Chan

Pure Essentials Zinc – just get on amazon

Pure Essentials Magnesium Glycinate

Plexus BioCleanse. 

Plexus ProBio5

Time I was taking mountains — Methylated B’s, gluthatione, astralagus for spleen (contraindicated for high blood pressure), olive leaf, CoQ10, Digestive Enzymes, tons of probiotics, cod liver oil, Black Radish, but unaware of environmental stress and pre-neuroplasticity — while doing neuropalsticity able to gett off them. Took herbs for parasites at one point. I don’t talk about these, you should never get advice about supplements from a random person on the Internet, talk to a licensed professional and consider they are not regulated and for 95% of people other stuff is required than correcting deficiencies/the right herb, and more cases supplements set people back stress of it all.