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Hello, I'm Liz.

My blog features stories & insights from people who have healed from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or ME/CFS) including my own.

COVID is the new leading trigger.

I sometimes share wisdom from people who healed from other immune and neurological conditions, too.

Friendly note for reaching out: I chose not to discuss symptoms, diagnoses, biological/environmental triggers, or personal struggles with people (theirs or my former ones) and prefer happy and/or solution-focused conversations.

This is a healthy boundary I have set so I can help the most people and keep up my spirits.

I do love receiving nice notes from people. I have a TON of information on my blog (about what helped me and others), so please read through it (and subscribe please!) before reaching out with any questions.

Liz on tree

When my doctors had no answers when my energy levels plummeted below 20% after a flu-like illness, minor physical or mental exertion caused immobilizing cellular-level crashes (PEM), various bodily functions fell apart, many alarming symptoms made me feel like I was dying, and I struggled using my brain, I felt lost.

After going from doctor to doctor and getting many invasive tests, I eventually learned this condition was called ME/CFS here: “What’s ME/CFS?” (<– I list many common symptoms here.)

Here’s my recovery odyssey from ME/CFS if you’re interested in learning a bit more and FAQs.

After a 3-year health journey, I was able to get more complete answers from an CFS specialist, address my environmental healing blockers, let go of unhelpful patterns, optimize my lifestyle, heal my limbic systems’ response to environmental stimuli, and ultimately (with some bumps along the way) get out.

Along the way, I met many people in my community and around the world doing their best to make it through the same or similar situations. 

I will share actionable tips and insights from people who have healed from ME/CFS and those on their healing journeys. If we can combine our wisdom, we can increase our recovery numbers. 

We’re out of this together!