Real talk about ME/CFS recovery with Vera Wilhemsen

My candid chat with Vera Wilhelmsen

Here is a conversation my friend Vera and I recorded this February. Vera healed from severe CFS, and we became friends after I reached out to interview her for my blog.

She had a short break during film school, and decided to jump on a plane and fly all the way from Norway to visit me in the Bay Area. We took a spontaneous road trip down to Los Angeles.

Before we drove to LA, we have an honest conversation on hard-won insights from our recovery journeys at a local cafe.

We talk about:

1. Stopping all the apologizing, and doing *this* instead.
2. Boundaries.
3. The value in the struggle?
4. How no one is coming to save you.
5. Removing stress and the root cause(s).
6. Vera shares personal insights on toxic relationships.
7. ME/CFS internet forums?
8. Is science only about drugs now?
9. How you don’t have to be an ME/CFS chronic illness warrior.

Watch our chat here on Vera’s YouTube

It’s not my best angle staring into the sun with no makeup, but I hope you appreciate our “real talk” about CFS recovery.

Vera is the author of How to Trick Yourself Into Feeling Your Feelings: Even After Decades of Numbness and Trauma and recently went back to school as a film student.

She was selected to direct a music video by an up-and-coming Norweigan pop star and is living her best life.

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