Junior’s CFS full recovery story: From housebound to thriving


Junior Ky shares his 3-year full recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that had left him housebound.

Junior spoke with me about his “hustle hard” life before chronic illness, his onset and first crash after recording a music video, trying to persist with his life (and continuing to crash), being brushed off as “anxiety” when he had very real physical symptoms affecting multiple systems, turning to the forums, the diets and protocols he tried, losing some friends, a setback after a severe case of Covid, how takeaways from the Long Covid community led him to a paradigm shift, and what his big takeaways were from watching CFS recovery videos on my channel and Raelan Agle’s YouTube channel. 

He then shares how he found Miguel Bautista (who I interviewed last year), and how Miguel coached him to full recovery. Now he’s joined Miguel in a group coaching program to help others recover from CFS. Junior shares the core content of their program for free in our interview, and explains why it exists. He also talks about his life now on the other side. 

Watch my YouTube interview with Junior: 

Written transcript coming Oct. 1. 

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