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Below is a list of amazing people to consider to support you along your healing journey


Friendly note: This blog is independent from any coach and their methods (and visa versa). Any approach should be customized for each individual. I encourage you to make the best choices for you regarding hiring and working with any coach. Nothing on this blog is medical advice nor meant to be prescriptive.

What coaches can help you with:

You are the person who gets to heal you.


People ready for coaching should know:

If now is a good time for a coach in your healing journey, continue below.

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Pamela Rose

Personalised Fatigue Coach, Pacing Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner

Pamela blends neuroscience with practical lifestyle advice to help clients heal. What I really love about Pamela is that she knows everyone’s life situation and experience of fatigue is different and tailors her framework for each client. 

Pamela herself healed from ME/CFS after a 7-year journey, and now is a highly-sought-after ME/CFS recovery coach. She knows that extreme fatigue can rob you of the life you want to live and leave you feeling desperate because you’re unable to cope with even basic daily tasks. 

She is an encouraging presence with many tools up her sleeve. Pamela’s ‘Life Rescue’ framework with her signature ‘deal and heal’ approach gives clients a full understanding of how to manage their energy, learn how to cope better, and feel like life is worth living again. Many people have told me Pamela’s pacing advice has been a game-changer.

Pamela offers 1-to-1 coaching via Zoom and at her office in Bristol during normal times, pacing workshops, and has a highly-rated 3-Week Rescue Course (it’s both live and recorded for those who want to do it in their own time). 

Here is my written interview with Pamela:

Pamela Rose written interview

*Pamela is offering Heal with Liz subscribers a 25% discount on her 3-Week Rescue course with the promo code HEAL25. There’s a place to add it on the top right corner of the sign-up form.* 

Note: Pamela currently has a 1-month waitlist for new UK/EU individual clients and 2 months for US clients, since her early evenings book up fast. You can contact Pamela to get on her waitlist for personal coaching and learn more about her other programs on her website.

Lauren Windas

Clinical Nutritionist, Naturopath & NLP Practitioner

I have gotten multiple emails from Lauren’s clients about how helpful and amazing she is.

Lauren is a registered and licensed Nutritionist, Naturopath, and NLP practitioner. She operates from her clinic in London, as well as offering online consultations for those based elsewhere.

Having recovered from M.E / CFS herself, Lauren has helped countless clients to recover and reclaim their health back. She is renowned for her multidisciplinary skillset, covering all of the key pillars that are essential for the recovery process. This includes targeted nutrition, functional testing, supplemental protocols, as well as the tools of NLP and mindset coaching to encompass a 360 degree approach to health rehabilitation.

As well as her Nutrition & Naturopathy 1:1 consultations, Lauren also offers a hugely popular 18-week online group mindset coaching program for people with M.E. / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Here is Lauren’s full recovery story on my friend Raelan Agle’s channel:


Lorrie Rivers

Holistic Health Recovery and Transformation Coach

I admire how Lorrie is doing so much to help the Long Covid community, and how her program to help others heal is so comprehensive.

Lorrie Rivers is the founder of Living From Inspiration. She is the creator of the Relief & Transformation: Managing Long Covid and ME/CFS online course.

After healing from severe ME/CFS that kept her housebound and bedbound for 8+ years in her 20s, Lorrie began coaching others in the tried and true methods that had helped her.  She recognized there were some things to DO and things to NOT DO in order to recover and/or live a full life within one’s health journey.

Through her own experience and from working with hundreds of clients, she developed the step-by-step Relief & Transformation program, which is what she wished she had so many years ago. She has now been a coach for 20 years.

Lorrie is a best-selling co-author with Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer and a Healing Codes + Trilogy Energy Medicine coach. Lorrie is also an RYT500 certified yoga instructor and created the Yoga + Strength Training for Long Covid and ME/CFS online program, which allows you to gently move your body without setbacks.

Lorrie recently hosted the Holistic Healing for Long-Covid and ME/CFS summit, which includes top speakers like Dr. Sarah Myhill and Raelan Agle. I am humbled to be one of the case studies. The summit was free, but you can access the Zoom recordings and full transcripts for a small fee here

This wonderful event covers so many aspects of healing for your consideration!

Here is Lorrie’s full recovery story on Raelan’s channel:

Chris headshot

Chris Jamieson

CFS/ME Recovery Mentor and Mindset Coach

I am so inspired by Chris’ powerful health recovery story. He just ran a marathon in March to raise awareness for CFS/ME. He’s a salt-of-the-earth guy with a wealth of practical and insightful recovery knowledge. Chris in his own words:

One thing I remember when going through CFS/ME for 4 years was the abundance of information (both positive and negative) and how it can all be quite confusing and complicated.

Working with me 1 on 1, I’m going to keep it simple and stick to four key pillars of CFS/M.E recovery/healing which involves:

    1. Focusing on mindset and mental health through observing your thoughts, daily meditation, and daily journaling
    2. Following a diet that works well for your Gut Health and Eating based on Ayurvedic principles for your body type
    3. Creating optimal conditions for sleep
    4. Restorative movement

Coaching calls will be customized for your current health and progression.

After overcoming CFS, all I want to do, from the bottom of my heart, is to give back and help other sufferers be able to achieve their best life like I’ve been able to.

Learn more about Chris and book him to be Your coach on his new coaching website. 

Dr. Cathleen King Neuroplasticity Coach

Dr. Cathleen King, DPT

Neuroplasticity and Somatic Healing Transformation Coach

I have heard many amazing reviews from people who were able to unlock new levels of healing thanks to Dr. Cat.

Dr. Cathleen King is a doctor of physical therapy, neuroscience educator, intuitive healer, and a busy mom. Her superpower is helping people with chronic health conditions see the patterns that have bound them, resolve their subconscious resistance, and create transformational life changes.

She is the founder of Create Your Brain State, LLC, a unique brain retraining transformation program that combines the latest neuroscience and somatic healing techniques to help others reclaim vibrant health. She offers courses, mentorships (with live and recorded options), and 1-2-1 coaching.

Cathleen found her own liberation from over a decade of debilitating chronic Lyme disease, mold illness, microbiome imbalance, chronic fatigue, PTSD and a host of other challenges through combining her medical background with her intuitive healing skills.

She has a brain-retraining and nervous system regulation program for beginners called “Creating Calm.” Her most popular program, the “Primal Trust Mentorship,” is for people with brain retraining experience (who’ve done programs like DNRS, Gupta, or similar) who want full liberation from their past limitations. In this 3 month series, she offers a transformation roadmap mixing neuroscience, somatics, polyvagal theory, personal experience, and alchemical magic. 

Dr. Cat’s next Primal Trust Mentorship starts April 20 (deadline passed for the live version, the recorded option is currently available). I whole-heartedly recommend checking this out this amazing program.

For a full list of Dr. Cat’s courses and mentorships, you can visit her website:

Here is my recent video interview with Dr. Cathleen King:

Alina Brain Gardening

Alina Bachmann

Transformational Teacher & Creator of Brain Gardening

I love how Alina combines her artistic talents, neuroscience training, and powerful personal experience to help others heal and thrive. 

Alina is a recovered chronic illness warrior and Brain Gardener™. She has personally healed over 50 chronic conditions in herself, including C-PTSD, POTS, CIRS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, anxiety, brain fog, countless chemical and sensory sensitivities, as well as Benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome.

Alina developed limbic system impairment in childhood in the midst of adverse experiences and used art as a buffer until her life as an award-winning artist and information designer became eclipsed by declining health. Brain retraining was the missing piece to restore wholeness and wellness. Alina wanted to help others harvest physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual wellness through neuroplasticity.

In 2020, she launched Brain Gardening™ after getting certified in Reiki and Integrative Sound & Music Healing and receiving training from world experts in epigenetics, the autonomic nervous system, and somatic healing, including Drs. Bruce Lipton, Stephen Porges, Deb Dana and more. 

Alina’s clients include people actively doing a neuroplasticity program who seek additional coaching support for specific healing goals, people with childhood trauma seeking to cultivate a growth mindset, and people open to creative healing approaches.  

Visit for a variety of artful and user-friendly free resources, to learn about individual coaching support, or to join the waitlist for her upcoming online neuroplasticity program (which I’m super excited about).

Terese Millhouse

Natural Wellness Coach & Founder of From Chronic To Cured

Terese is a wealth of natural wellness and life wisdom. I hope to join her for tea one day.

Terese specializes in supporting women with ME/CFS and Thyroid Disease, by complementing their current western medicine treatment with natural methods to promote wholistic self healing, under her signature program called Sanctuary of Balanced Wellness.
Terese is a mum, widow, Natural Wellness Coach, and Chronic Fatigue survivor. After being told there was nothing more to be done and she had to ‘manage ME/CFS for the rest of her life’ at just 36 years of age, Terese decided not to settle for that diagnosis and took back control of her health rather than let her health control Terese. Once she made that decision after seven years of CFS, Terese healed fully in 6 months, using natural methods. Now Terese supports other women to do the same and help them find renewed energy in their fight to go from chronic to cured, naturally.
Terese has one-on-one sessions both online and in Hobart, Tasmania where she is based. Her signature Sanctuary of Balanced Wellness program also has 4-week and 12-week package options.
Terese is accepting clients worldwide and you can get in contact with her via her website
Here is Terese’s recovery story interview on my friend Raelan Agle’s channel.

Vera Wilhelmsen

Narcissist Abuse Recovery Coach, CFS Recovery Coach

Vera is one of the best people I have ever met. Her light is contagious and her wisdom is well beyond her years. Everyone needs a little Vera in their life!

After surviving 26 years of emotional and psychologic abuse that left her bed-bound with severe CFS/ME for 3 years, Vera has regained her full health and rediscovered her spirit.

Vera specializes in helping victims of psychological abuse and sufferers of chronic illness to reclaim their lives and become their own person.

***On April 14, Vera released her first online course: Become Your Own Person for only $39.***

It contains 40 short videos and a workbook of journal prompts. Vera teaches you how to trust your gut, how to create healthy boundaries (with scripts!), and even how to create your own style (and much more). I cannot recommend it more for anyone seeking to connect with their true spirit – what I have observed is an important part of healing and thriving.

Vera also has many helpful resources and insights to share for clients interested in learning more about Ayurveda, India’s version of Chinese Medicine which focuses on digestion, for educational purposes. I encourage you to check out her amazing YouTube channel.

You can contact Vera about coaching and learn more at her website:

My written interview with Vera (I made toggles for each section!):

Vera interview

Here is Vera’s inspiring YouTube interview with my amazing friend Raelan:

 Vera is based in Norway and is accepting new 1-2-1 clients worldwide.


Gut health enthusiast; Ambassador of Gut & Immune Support Supplements

Rorie is an inspirational woman and helpful resource.

Rorie has a big “Why” for what she does and that’s her own health story. Rorie healed from her own health, energy, and various autoimmune skin conditions by reducing stress in her life and healing her gut. When Rorie’s gut was off-balance, she craved sugary drinks and relied on medications to mask the symptoms. When she came across quality products to support her blood sugar stabilization, energy, and gut-health, she began to see results she hadn’t gotten with symptom-maskers or store-bought vitamins. 

Rorie then became a ambassador of this quality brand of supplements. (Disclaimer: supplements are not intended to cure any medical condition.)

Our soil just doesn’t have the same healthy nutrients it used to due to modern agriculture practices. Rorie helped me upgrade a few supplements that support my amazing digestion. I no longer am reliant on a war-chest of supplements, but continue to take a couple good ones. I’ve noticed a difference when I’ve ran out.

Our bodies and biomes are unique, and I encourage you to consult a trusted professional before considering probiotics and supplements and also listen to your gut.

Rorie is an excellent resource and fabulous person. You can find her on Instagram @gutbustingtruths

Jodie Goss

Lightning Process Practitioner, Brain Retraining Specialist and Health Recovery Coach

Jodie is a wonderful, encouraging coach. Many clients say working with her has been ‘life-changing.’

Jodie herself had CFS 15 years ago. For 3 years, she tried what seemed like every western and holistic healing modality under the sun without substantial change. Then she heard about the Lightning Process and started exploring how the science of the mind-body connection can be used to rebalance the nervous system and trigger positive physiological change. She had already tried meditation and cognitive behavior therapy, but this was something different.

The Lightning Process is a powerful program based on neuroscience, specifically psychoneuroimmunology, the power of harnessing our mind to influence our biochemistry to ‘switch back on’ the body’s natural ability to heal.

Jodie fully healed from CFS soon after taking the Lightning Process in January 2009 and went back to a thriving career in entertainment radio, ran the London Marathon, had two beautiful children and moved to California. She was so inspired by how this program changed her life that she went on to become a Master NLP, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Lightning Process practitioner herself.

Though the Lightning Process has helped many people restore their health and has inspired several other neuroplasticity programs, it a tool not a “cure-all.” It costs more than video-based programs because it’s taught in a live seminar (either in person or via Zoom) and offers personalized coaching support before, during, and after the seminar.

Jodie has helped people with a wide range of different conditions including ME/CFS, chronic EBV, Fibromyalgia, anxiety, and Long-Covid. You can learn more about Jodie, the Lightning Process, and client testimonials by visiting her website and Instagram.

Here is my YouTube interview with Jodie (it’s the first video interview I conducted):

Jodie has a helpful new video on Raelan Agle’s channel on recovery strategies for Long-Covid and CFS.

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