CFS Recovery Programs Guide

Detailed, independent analysis of 27 pacing and nervous system regulation programs to support ME/CFS recovery (and related chronic illnesses).

We reviewed 27 programs

Programs Include:

  • Four Week Fatigue Rescue & Fatigue Reset by Pamela Rose
  • Alex Howard’s RESET Program for Fatigue 
  • CFS Health by Toby Morrison
  • CFS School by Jen Mann and Karden Rabin
  • ANS Rewire by Dan Neuffer
  • Recovery Jumpstart by Miguel Bautista
  • DNRS 2.0 by Annie Hopper
  • Primal Trust by Dr. Cathleen King (new Level 1, Level 2 & 3)
  • The Gupta Program by Ashok Gupta
  • Lightning Process by Dr. Phil Parker
  • Be Your Own Medicine by Rebecca Tolin
  • Vital-Side Rewire, Elevate 2.0, and Regulation Station by Lindsay Mitchell and Bianca Spears
  • Re-Origin by Ben Ahrens
  • Lifestyle Pacing by Raelan Agle
  • Restore by Sarah Jackson
  • Irene Lyon’s programs
  • (New) Pathways to Improvement by Dr. Eleanor Stein, MD (a lifestyle & pacing program)
  • (New) Healing through Neuroplasticity by Dr. Eleanor Stein, MD (a brain retraining program)
  • (New) Haven by Vanessa, @YourGratefulGuide
  • and more!

On October 29, 2023 we released a Version 3 update!

For each program, this guide includes:

About Us

After our own journeys with CFS, our mission is to make the road easier for others. We built this guide to help people find the best recovery program that fits their goals, needs, budget, and style.


Lindsay Vine

I’m Lindsay, The CFS Programs Navigator. I have a masters in public health and am co-host of the Post-Viral Podcast with my friend Stu. You can reach me at


Liz Carlson

I’m the creator of the Heal With Liz blog, and I also share CFS recovery story interviews on my YouTube channel. I'm a new mom.

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"I'm blown away by this guide."

I’m blown away by this guide! The ME/CFS Recovery Programs Guide is really all you need if you are looking for a suitable CFS recovery programme and want to save yourself months of time-consuming research. 

On the one hand, the guide gives a perfect overview of the different approaches that various programs take and thus a good start to find out for yourself which approach resonates with you the most. On the other hand, it gives a very detailed insight into literally all ME/CFS recovery programmes that are currently out there. Including a brilliant analysis for which types the respective programme is more or less suitable. 

All the content is very clearly presented and the attractive design makes the guide a pleasure to browse through. I wish this guide had already existed when I started my research – it would have saved me a lot of time, energy and sleepless nights! And the price is really more than fair. Highly recommended! 



Featured Programs

Lindsay Vine, the co-creator of this guide, conducted short interviews with many of the program creators featured in this guide. Our e-book guide contains a constructive analysis of their programs based on real participant feedback.

Primal Trust

Dr. Cathleen King talks to Lindsay Vine about her healing and transformation multi-level program. Our guide includes a detailed analysis of her program and over 20 others.

ANS Rewire

Dan Neuffer talks to Lindsay Vine about his brain retraining and holistic program for CFS/ME, POTS, and fibromyalgia recovery. Get our guide for a detailed analysis and learn who it's for / not for.

Four Week Fatigue Rescue

Pamela Rose talks about her affordable pacing programs for people with ME/CFS and post-viral fatigue. (Note: Her Fatigue Rescue program was formerly 3 weeks, now it's 4.) Most creators of programs featured in our guide healed from ME/CFS (and related conditions) themselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We didn’t just look at what they say about themselves on their websites. We conducted forty 20-50 minute candid Zoom or phone interviews with real people who did these programs. About 75 percent of the participants we interviewed had ME/CFS, though 25 percent had other conditions (see ‘Who is this guide for?’).

Between the two of us, we also looked inside most of the programs (whether we previously did them ourselves, had access, or were shown a preview). We also factored public feedback (example: what people have shared on YouTube, blogs, Instagram, forums, comment sections, etc.) and private feedback that people have shared directly with us (examples: email or Instagram messages) from over 100 people about the included programs. We then approached the creators themselves to confirm information was accurate and up to date. 

We compiled feedback over June 2022 to early December 2022 for Version 1 released in January 2023. We’ve incorporated additional feedback since then. On April 2, 2023, we released a major Version 2 update which includes two additional programs and more analysis on some of the existing programs. On October 29, 2003, we released a Version 3 update with updated informations and 3 new programs.

This guide is primarily targeted at anyone experiencing ME/CFS or other system sensitivity disorders including Long Covid, post-treatment Lyme, post-viral fatigue syndrome, POTS, MCAS, fibromyalgia, CIRS, dysautonomia, chemical and food sensitivities, and more who are ready to take the next step in their health recovery. 

We encourage you to consult trusted medical professionals for a diagnosis and treatment options.

This guide features lifestyle and nervous system regulation programs to support healing from ME/CFS (M.E. / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and related chronic illnesses. We conducted in-depth analysis of 25 programs and shorter write-ups of 3 additional programs. We organized the programs into four categories. Note: Multiple programs fit in more than one category. We note which do.

Section 1: Lifestyle and pacing programs 
Section 2: B
rain retraining programs
Section 3: Somatic programs
Section 4: Programs with a self-discovery element.

While all lifestyle and pacing programs in Section 1 are generally CFS recovery focused, many nervous system regulation programs covered in Sections 2-4 of our guide are targeted to people with a wider range of conditions (see ‘Who is this guide for?’). We noted who they are each for in the guide. The programs included are led by people who themselves healed from chronic illness, including over 20 from ME/CFS and/or Chronic Lyme. Many also healed from chronic pain and/or orthostatic intolerance. 

We picked the programs based on ones we know about. We are not associated with any program. This guide is an independent analysis. 

Programs include:

  • Four Week Fatigue Rescue* & Fatigue Reset by Pamela Rose (*this program was originally 3 weeks; it now includes an extra support & integration week)
  • Lifestyle Pacing by Raelan Agle
  • Alex Howard’s RESET Program for Fatigue 
  • CFS Health by Toby Morrison
  • CFS School by Jen Mann and Karden Rabin
  • ANS Rewire by Dan Neuffer
  • Recovery Jumpstart by Miguel Bautista
  • DNRS 2.0 by Annie Hopper
  • Primal Trust by Dr. Cathleen King (new Level 1, Level 2 & 3)
  • The Gupta Program by Ashok Gupta
  • Lightning Process by Dr. Phil Parker
  • Be Your Own Medicine by Rebecca Tolin 
  • Re-Origin by Ben Ahrens
  • Vital-Side Rewire, Elevate 2.0, and Regulation Station by Lindsay Mitchell and Bianca Spears (Note: While these programs are targeted to people healing from chronic illnesses, Vital-Side’s new program Reboot is targeted to a general audience. We did not provide an analysis of their Reboot program for this guide.)
  • Restore by Sarah Jackson
  • Smart-Body Smart-Mind and 21 Day Nervous System Tune-Up by Irene Lyon
  • and more!

Now in Version 3 (Released October 29, 2023):

  • Haven by Vanessa, Your Grateful Guide (in the somatics section)**
  • Dr. Eleanor Stein’s Healing through Neuroplasticity (in brain retraining section)
  • Dr. Eleanor Stein’s Pathways to Improvement (in lifestyle section)
  • Minor updates from additional participant feedback on programs we gathered.

**Haven also includes significant brain retraining elements. Many programs fit into multiple categories, and we clearly note which ones do in our guide. 

Note: We are constantly updating our guide. However, please refer to each program’s website for the most up-to-date information on price and content and when, if any, live group elements may begin. 

All programs are in English. At the end of the guide, we note which programs come in additional languages.

Important note: This guide does not include medical treatment options or naturopathic protocols, which may be helpful to recovery. This guide is not medical advice and is for information only. For additional resources (not medical advice), go here.

This e-book is 217 pages (1-9 pages of analysis per program, how to approach this guide, FAQ’s, and more). While there is a lot of information, we organized it in a way for you to easily look at the things that matter to you.

Short summaries included: For those with brain fog and/or who prefer bite-sized info, we included short summaries of each program in the guide (find ‘Quick Overview’ in the table of contents, for each of the 4 program categories). 

Free add-on Short Summaries version: We also made a separate 16 page pdf Short Summaries version. Be sure to select ‘Short Summaries,’ a free add-on in the cart, with purchase of our main guide. 

Audio version: Lindsay Vine had us make an audio version of our guide, as she herself once struggled to look at a screen during her health recovery journey. The link to the audio files are included in the purchase receipt that gets emailed to you when you buy the guide. Note: The audio version includes the first version of our guide from January 2023. It is not fully up to date.

The price, $19, may or may not cover costs to produce this guide. We wanted to keep the price low to be accessible to people, having lost all our money ourselves going through this illness. 

It is free to be in this guide. No program paid us to be included. However, three programs kindly offered to support our efforts (so we could cover costs and keep the price low), and in return we gave them the opportunity to have “A Message from the Creator” within the guide, providing them with 250 words to share a personal message. We also gave this opportunity for free to the creator who has a by-donation program. The analysis of their programs, like all others, is based on detailed, constructive analysis of their program and real participant feedback. 

Please share this page with a friend, but not the guide itself, which is copyrighted material. If your friend is struggling with finances, we ask your friend to email us if they would need a discount code. 

We hope our guide can help you make the best decision for you. If you’d like personalized guidance, Lindsay Vine is a CFS programs navigator and can help you choose the best program for you. You can contact her at She offers a free 15 minute initial chat. 

Note: Lindsay Vine’s services are independent from Liz Carlson / Heal With Liz and any program featured in our guide and visa versa. 

We’re not able to provide refunds for this guide. We put a lot of effort into making this guide, interviewing many people, compiling the nuanced feedback, and organizing it all together, and are pretty confident you’ll value it.

Yes. We would LOVE your feedback on any program featured in this guide and the guide itself. We plan to update the guide in the future, to incorporate more real participant feedback and make it as user friendly as possible. To share your feedback, you can just respond to the email you were sent after purchasing the guide or email Lindsay through her website

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