Our Programs Guide is Finally Here!

After going through our own journeys with CFS, Lindsay Vine of the Post Viral Podcast and I teamed up to produce an independent guide of the different CFS recovery programs available. 

Our goal is to make the journey a little bit easier for others.

The guide features detailed reviews of 22 lifestyle, pacing, and nervous system regulation programs. For each program we included:

– Price, duration, amount of content
– Detailed descriptions of program content
– What it doesn’t include
– Who each program is for / not for (opinions)
– Things to keep in mind (based on participant feedback)
– About the creator & style

We factored real feedback from dozens of people who did these programs into our analysis. 

Learn more and get your downloadable copy here.
You can reach Lindsay Vine through her website here.
Friendly disclaimer: This guide is not medical advice, and does not contain medical or naturopathic protocols that may be helpful for recovery. Most creators of programs featured in this guide healed from ME/CFS (and/or related conditions) themselves. 

If you’d like practical and uplifting health recovery information, please sign up for our newsletter below. This blog is not medical advice nor meant to contradict what you have discovered yourself to be true. 

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