Real talk about ME/CFS recovery with Pamela Rose & Raelan Agle

My conversation with Raelan Agle and Pamela Rose

In this video, Raelan Agle (author of Finding Freedom: Escaping from the Prison of Chronic Fatigue and YouTuber), Pamela Rose (world-expert fatigue coach), and I met for a somewhat impromptu chat. Raelan and I both live in the Bay Area, and Pamela was visiting us from the UK.

We share our experiences and insights with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) recovery coming from our own experience of recovery, as well as from the hundreds of people we’ve talked to since who have shared their experiences with us.

I hope you enjoy and value our anecdotes, words of wisdom, and insights. The amazing Raelan recorded and edited it, and posted it on her YouTube channel:

Hilariously, we did not coordinate our outfits. We just showed up to the park all wearing the same thing.

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